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Womens Running Jackets & Shells

Women's Running Jackets

These running jackets featured below will help you make the most out of your run in cold or rainy weather. With a full spectrum to pick from, including lightweight running jackets, these are tailored specifically for running with specialist features such as high-vis details, storm-proofing, hoods, zipped pockets and adjustable toggles.

A good running jacket is indispensable in winter – you want something to keep you motivated to get out and get your legs turning over in the colder periods. It’s an investment, however getting a running jacket that is warm, waterproof and with enough ventilation will make all the difference to your time running.

Waterproof, Windproof Or Showerproof Running Jackets

If you are running for a long time in the rain or remote locations, a waterproof jacket will give total protection from the rain and wind. A fully waterproof jacket will also keep you warm and protected from the wind, but are often a lot more expensive.


Wind resistant running jackets will limit windchill, keep some rainwater out and are best suited when you are going on those shorter runs.


The fabric of a showerproof running jacket has a water-repellent finish which lets the water run off the jacket's surface, keeping you dry. These jackets will keep you dry in a light shower, but not in an extended run with heavy rain; they are probably going to help you very much.


Key Features In A Running Jacket

Reflective detailing: Autumn/Winter means darker mornings and evenings, so possessing some reflective detailing on your running jacket is a good idea. If you tend to run after work and in the evening, then you will want this feature on your jacket.


Hood: If you’re trying to prevent water from running onto your face/into your eyes, holding the option of using a hood is never a bad idea. Look for a hood that can be easily packed away, granting you the choice not to have the hood bouncing up and down on your back when you run.


Weight: If you want a lightweight layer you can stow away in your running belt, you’ll probably want more of a showerproof pack-a-mac design jacket. If you’re doing a 100-mile event in the highlands of Scotland, it’s worth carrying the additional weight that comes with a fully-waterproof jacket. The high end running jackets are now fully waterproof and very lightweight anyway. It all boils down to budget and what kind of distances you will be doing in your running jacket.

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