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TrailBuddy Trekking Poles For Hiking or Walking


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Product Description

The TrailBuddy hiking Poles are a real budget-busting bit of hiking gear. These poles are strong, durable, robust and have a high level of usability and functionality. You can easily adjust the shaft to suit your needs, and they provide you with the support and stability you need to have more fun on a trail.

The low price of the TrailBuddy should not put you off buying them. This product has well over 20000 positive reviews and is actually one of the best selling walking poles in the USA - where hiking, trekking and walking in the great outdoors is popular.

Product Features


  • Multiple attachments
  • Collapsible
  • Lightweight
  • Made from aircraft-grade aluminium
  • Cork handles for comfort
  • Padded straps


  • Attachment tips can come loose
  • Locking by hand takes practice
  • Poles click when walking

Product Information

TrailBuddy Adjustable Trekking Poles Review

Trekking Poles are excellent to make hiking more enjoyable, and in many cases make any walk or hike a safer experience too. They give users secure support when hiking up or down inclines, provide more grip and traction on any surface or weather conditions you will face. Our review will take you through the product's main features and how they can enhance your hiking experience.

The TrailBuddy hiking poles are a popular and affordable set of hiking poles, with positive user feedback and thousands of 5-star reviews. The poles are functional and will suit most hikers needs without breaking the bank. That comes to win a range of colours, such as Lake Blue, Bumblebee Yellow, Moss Green, Beetle Red, and Raven Black. 

Lightweight Construction, Yet Durable

The last thing you need to be doing when hiking is to carry unnecessary weight. Thankfully, the TrailBuddy hiking poles are very lightweight due to their aluminium material. They weigh only 10 ounces each, so they will not cause your arms any strain.

Can Be Disassembled Easily

The poles can be collapsed down to just 21 inches, so they'll fit easily in your backpack, which is ideal if there are sections of your hike when you don't need them.

Fully Adjustable Poles

TrailBuddy is fully adjustable and can be altered based upon your needs. You can adjust the height between 24 inches at their shortest and 54 inches at the longest. It would be best if you did this when hiking uphill or downhill and as the terrain changes rapidly. The adjustability of the poles also means they are a good option for adults and children.

Flip Lock System

Many hiking poles on the market use a twist lock, which requires unscrewing. That method often requires some effort to loosen them if they are tight. TrailBuddy poles utilise a lever lock which is much easier to release and tighten than twist locks.

Made From High-Grade Aluminum

Carbon fibre is used to make the shaft of a lot of hiking poles. Although it is light, on rough terrain where need to put a lot of pressure on poles for balance and support, meaning the poles can snap. These poles are made from aircraft-grade aluminium which is much stronger than carbon fibre and less likely to break.

Cork Handles Grips

Cork is an excellent material to make the handles from, precisely what these poles possess. The outside temperature does not influence it, so the poles are also comfortable to hold when hiking. They also absorb moisture, so your hands sweaty if it is a scorching day.

Padded Straps

The padded straps help your grip when walking with the poles; there is a padded strap on each TrailBuddy stick. The straps protect your hands from chaffing on the handles and securely attaches them to your hand, so you don't drop them on a hike.

Baskets For Different Surfaces

When out, the weather the walking surface can change from one day to the next, regardless of snowy, icy, muddy, rocky, grassy, paved, or gravel, You can walk safely on them all. The Trailbuddy can support you on different surfaces; they come with suitable attachments for those you will encounter. 

Carry Case For Your TrailBuddy

The TrailBuddy poles also come with a useful carry case, so when they're not being used, they can be packed and stored away somewhere safe. Even on the trail, there might be segments of the route where the poles are not needed. Op them into the carry bag, and keep them in your backpack.


There can be many reasons for using hiking poles when walking and hiking. It could be you have an injury or aches and pains that mean you need some extra support. Or it could be just that trekking poles make the hike more manageable and much more fun. Whatever the reason for needing them, the TrailBuddy Adjustable Trekking Poles can help you.

The TrailBuddy will help support your body weight, aid balance and are comfortable to use. At this low price and with the massive number of positive customer reviews, this is a great product to add to your walking kit.

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