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Best Men's Waterproof Jackets For Hiking & Walking 2021

Best Men's Waterproof Jackets For Hiking & Walking 2021. All links on the product description pages will take you to Amazon. However, we would highly advise visiting other retailers, such as Blacks, Millets, All Outdoor, Wiggle, Ellis Brigham and Snow & Rock. If you use any of our links and make a purchase, we may earn a small commission. Doing this does not affect the price you pay; but, it helps fund this website.

Buying Guide Men's Waterproof Hiking Jackets

At some point in the UK, you'll get rained on for hours or hit by a shower with the rain blowing in all directions At that time; you'll wish you had a good quality waterproof jacket.

It might be possible to sacrifice quality for price with other hiking gear and clothing. However, an excellent outdoor jacket can make the difference between an enjoyable day out with family and a miserable, wet one where everyone is eager to get home.

Choosing the right outdoor rain jacket is not an easy as you might first think. Start browsing online, or visit an outdoor gear store, and you'll be to notice a big difference in materials, styles, brands, and cost. For marketing purposes, the famous brand often gives materials fancy names too - these can often be confusing.

However, never fear, we are on hand to help you. We have come up with some points to consider when shopping for a new jacket. The information is nothing too technical, yet will give you a better understanding of what type of jacket you'll need.

Where & When Will You Be Hiking

Take into account when and where will you be using your jacket and for what activity. Seeing as you are on our website, it's probably going to be for hiking and general outdoor use. For many people, something relatively basic, but still of good quality, will suit your needs.

In general, a higher-priced jacket means it has more all-embracing list of features, but not every hiker will need them. If you go walking in the countryside or canals at the weekend, a good old rain jacket would likely serve you well on most days. However, if it's a stormy and rainy day, which we do get in the UK, you might need something more robust and dependable.

What type of weather will you be hiking? Are you going to be using it all year round or just only on hikes or walks? Consider weather conditions, and activity's duration, whether it be one day, a weekend, or a few weeks on holiday. Chances are it will be in a moderate climate, but if you're going somewhere with humidity, then you'll undoubtedly need something breathable with under-arm mesh or zips. Always make sure you buy a jacket big enough so you can wear additional layers.

Waterproof Technology

Most quality jackets made by an outdoor brand will be waterproof to some extent. It can be challenging to understand precisely how waterproof a jacket is because water-resistant and water-repellant are not waterproof - yet they will often get included in waterproof clothing sections. However, they can get the job done in a light shower.

The most famous waterproof technology has to be Gore-Tex, which keeps water out but allows ventilation and helps sweat vapours pass away from the body and jacket. However, other waterproofing technologies are available, yet Gore-Tex is the best, and always used by the leading brands for their premium range jackets.

Jacket Weight & Thickness

For most hikers, a rain shell jacket made using 2 or 2.5 Layer construction with good layering will gladly meet their needs for rain and warmth protection. When the weather turns nasty or when you venture into more extreme environments, you'll need something thicker.

You might not think weight is all that important, especially when we are talking about a few hundred grams here and there. However, weight is a factor you should consider. The reason being is when it's not in use and your pack, you could be carrying your jacket and other items for 7/8 hours on an all-day hike. After a while, you'll start to feel every extra gram of weight.

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