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Mens Walking & Hiking Shoes

Men's Hiking Boots & Shoes

Investing in a dependable pair of Men's Walking boots is necessary, and we're here to help you find the best pair for you. Specialised walking boots are maybe the most important item for hillwalkers, hikers and walking enthusiasts.

There are many options available for you, from one-season to four-season options, construction material, different styles, and a range of specific technological features to contemplate, all available on Walk The Land. Boots are not the only option, though, and you could also go for hiking shoes.

Hiking shoes have become more popular in the last 10 years or so. One reason is their close association with trainers and their comfort; they are a popular choice for occasional walkers and hikers. Take a look below for a great range of men's hiking boots and shoes to suit a wide range of terrains and walking styles.

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Why You Should Get Hiking Boots Or Shoes

Ankle support and protection from the elements are the two principal reasons hikers prefer a boot over a shoe when taking on the outdoors. There are various models on the market produced to meet different hikers' needs, and you need to get one that works best for you. If you go walking on pretty flat ground, then you might not need ankle support ad a lightweight option might be best,

However, for rainy or snowy conditions, a hiking boot that is also waterproof is the obvious choice to go for; waterproof hiking trousers can be placed over them to help keep out any water and make sure you stay dry trail.

Hiking boots are best suited to the autumn and winter months when the weather is colder. The thick material and bigger build mean that moisture vapour can't escape properly so your feet will sweat easily.

Keeping yourself upright on trails while wearing a pack takes a while to master. The wide, thick soles on hiking boots will provide a stable base for every footfall.

Hiking boots generally have thick lugs to bite into the soil and rubber that grips well on various surfaces. This is great for gripping into the unstable ground and making your footing is secure when moving across the trail.

You probably know yourself if your body requires more support from your footwear in general. If it does and you are going to be carrying a heavy pack, then a traditional solid, stable hiking boot may be your best choice for you to go for.

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