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Women's Walking/Hiking Boots & Shoes

Looking for a new pair of women's hiking boots for shoes for your next outdoor adventure? We have researched and analysed dozens of makes and models to find the top women's hiking boots & shoes for 2021.

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Best Women's Hiking Boots & Walking Shoes Guide

Are you looking for the best women's hiking boots, you can buy right now? We're here to assist. Whether you're looking for budget boots for casual strolls or premium hiking footwear to allow you to try challenging trails with ease, we've got a suggestion for you. 

Many outdoor lovers lean towards hiking boots for their durability, ankle support, and because they're more effective at keeping your feet dry.

We've researched plenty of hiking boots to bring you this list of the very best boots on the market.

Women's Hiking Boots Vs Walking Shoes

You have a choice of hiking footwear, and the Hiking Boot Vs Shoe debate has been raging for years. At the end of the day, it is a personal choice, and your decision will often be decided by what you really need. For example, using super heavy, thick, waterproof boots on a dry, hot summer hike easy terrain is probably not the best choice. Equally, where ultra-light, non-waterproof ankle walking shoes on wet, muddy and steep terrain will be equally bad.

Why Choose Hiking Boots

Hiking boots will always provide you with more ankle support, stability, and water protection. They're the more popular choice for off-trail adventures for new hikers who need extra support and protection. They're usually more formidable than other sorts of footwear and can last 1,000 miles or more. Therefore, in the long run, they offer good value for money if you are the occasional hiker or weekend walker.

Many modern and traditional boots are waterproof and can make hiking in the rain more comfortable. However, they become heavy and dry slowly if they do get wet. Boots are the heaviest footwear choice, so you'll spend more energy on the hike. If boots are your footwear of choice, it's worth paying extra for high-quality, lightweight pair.

Why Choose Hiking Shoes

Hiking shoes are the right balance between support, weight savings, water protection, and durability. The ankle support level will not be as high as boots, yet depending on the terrain, and it is often adequate for general hikers.

Modern technology means that walking shoes now offer better grip, support and waterproofing than in the past. This makes them a popular choice for hiking in 2021.

Hiking shoes are advised if you want the durability offered by boots and want waterproof footwear, but prefer something lightweight and aren't overly concerned with ankle support.

Typically, hiking shoes can take you around 700 miles before needing to be traded-in. Many hiking shoes work well in light rain, but they won't keep your feet as dry as boots.

Overall Thoughts

Your final decision whether to go for Hiking Boots Vs Shoes will also come down to what you need and want from your footwear. Consider the following, and you will be able to make the right choice;

  1. The Weather you will be hiking in - dry, wet, muddy or snow.
  2. The terrain you'll be walking on - gravel, stone, rock, sand, muddy fields or a mix. 
  3. The changes in incline you hike - flat, rolling hill, uneven and mixed etc.
  4. Your personal fitness level.
  5. How often you will be hiking.
  6. Any injuries you have had in the past.

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