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Garmin Fenix 7 GPS Watch/Garmin Epix - Where To Buy

Product Description

Garmin has surprised the market with new colors and in-depth sports features never to be seen before. You can track your sports activities to a professional athlete level.

Some things with the new Fenix 7 smartwatches will be familiar to Garmin fans. There are still three sizes: the 42mm Fenix 7S, the 47mm Fenix 7, and the whopping 51mm Fenix 7X. You’ll notice the new protected lug design on the Fenix 7 series, where those top parts are covered up better now. 

The introduction of a touchscreen display is the biggest change, although the screen itself hasn’t changed – and predictions of a full AMOLED Fenix were somewhat wide of the mark. However, the new Garmin Epix 2 fulfils that brief (see below).

With the introduction of Sapphire Solar models, you don't have to choose between solar capabilities and a scratch-resistant sapphire lens, as you had done previously for the Fenix 6 Series.

There are three notable differences in features: a new flashlight has been added in the Fenix 7X model, there is a real-time stamina tracker when you do your workouts and you can now do Health Snapshots

Garmin Fenix 7 New Features

  • Fenix 7 launches with touchscreen and button controljadhajsda
  • New TopoActive mapping and GNSS support for more accurate GPS
  • Stamina tracking live during workouts
  • Solar twice as effective and now available in durable Sapphire versions
  • Fenix 7/7S/7X models
  • New Garmin Epix (Gen 2) is Fenix 7X with 1.3-inch AMOLED display

Garmin Fenix 7 Preview (Now Out Of Date, Watch Launched)

The Garmin Fenix 7 GPS watch probably won’t land before around August 2020. This is because Garmin tends to launch a new Fenix watch every other year. As a result unsurprisingly we haven’t heard much about it yet, just rumors, but it’s almost certainly coming and we certainly have ideas of what we would want from this next generation of Fenix.

Fenix 6 launched only about a year ago and we have since seen minor upgrades like the Solar, Pro etc. Regardless, that doesn’t stop us from looking forward to what comes next.

Garmin Fenix 7 Features We Want

As we don't really know what this watch will have to offer, this article will focus more on a wish list of features and functions that we would like to see.

Design & Fit

The Fenix 6 was slimmer that previous models, however for many it would still too bulky and heavy (not for more) for them to use in Yoga type activities. The watch does have a rugged look which I like, however again some users have commented that they don't find the designs all that attractive.

Maybe Garmin could be a bit more creative in terms of the colours available. Of the ability to customise the watch without having to rely on 3rd party suppliers who sell compatible straps.

Solar Charging As Standard

Not sure how much use UK users will get from the Solar charging capability. None the less it would be nice if this came as standard rather than optional on upgraded versions. The problem with having this feature is that it could add to the overall weight, so it will be a trade off really. We can't expect it be light, slim, have more features and functions all at the same time.

Mobile Capability

Could the Garmin Fenix 7 allow users to make and receive phones calls without having to have their mobile phone with them on a run? Why not, again though, if this is a feature available, expect it to come at a price.

Added Community Features

This isn't really to do with the watch. I do think Garmin could problem the Garmin Connect service a bit better though and add more social platform feature to it. The data is great, the stats are great -  In fact, I love study my data on Garmin Connect. However. I tend to spend more time on Strava for the social aspect, even though the majority of my connections on Strava are Garmin users. I think Garmin have missed a trick, at the end of the day - Strava only uses what the Garmin device gives the app, yet they dress it up a lot better and Strava becomes a community, platform to go to.

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