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DANISH ENDURANCE Men's Low-Cut Pro Ankle Running Socks (Pack of 5)

Product Description

DANISH ENDURANCE Men's Low-Cut Pro Ankle Running Socks have been made for running using breathable materials with ventilation and cooling lanes, that will keep your feet feeling fresh and dry throughout the day.  

These DANISH ENDURANCE running socks have been put together using high-quality stitching with anti-bacterial yarns which can help reduce the smell created through sweat. The anti-friction zones in the heel and toe area will prevent you from getting painful blisters even during the most intense running workouts. These can be useful for shorter  runs or for speed training when the runs are shorter in duration, but more intense in effort.

The DANISH ENDURANCE Men's Low-Cut Running Socks have a cool little feature in the form of a heel tab - this tab provides an extra layer of fabric that is raised up in order to protect the area between the back of the ankle and the shoe. This cab help to prevent blistering on the back of the ankles - which can be caused through rubbing and friction.

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