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DANISH ENDURANCE Long Distance Men's Running Socks (Pack Of 3)

Product Description

These DANISH ENDURANCE Running Socks are perfect for running over long distances such as half marathons, marathons, trail, and ultra-running and will other you that extra comfort and support on shorter/faster distances you might cover in training.  

The DANISH ENDURANCE Long Distance Running Socks have been made using breathable and sweat-wicking materials to help keep you feet dry over the duration of a big run. The ventilation channels have been strategically placed along, under, and on the top of the foot will keep your feet fresh, dry, and cool throughout the day.

One key feature that I love on these long distance running socks is that the heel and toe areas have been reinforced with extra cushioning. This adds to the comfort and also helps to prevent friction and blisters on long distances runs. Additionally, these Long Distance Running Socks have an increased arch brace to add compression for those of you that suffer from plantar fasciitis issues.

These running socks are tested and developed with the Danish Olympic Runner Stina Troest and are made in Europe. They are available in sizes: UK 3-5, UK 6-8, UK 9-12 for men and in black, blue, grey and white colours.

Washing Instructions For DANISH ENDURANCE Running Socks

Wash you running socks inside out and with similar colour items. The water temperature should not exceed 40°C or 105°F. After washing please do not iron or tumble dry these socks

I Personally Use These DANISH ENDURANCE Socks

I absolutely love these socks and probably own more than 156pairs of them in black and blue 0 mostly black though I use them for both my short daily runs (5-8KM) and my longer runs (20-30KM), I have also done a 50KM run in them too. I find them very comfortable and work great on light trail, fell runs and road runs.

I've read a few reviews where customers say that they still gave them blisters or that they didn't works for them - that might not be due to the sock though and all I can offer is my own experience. These are my go to socks for running, I own some other socks from different brands, however I would say that 70% my running socks are DANISH ENDURANCE.

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