It was raining a little this morning. I don’t mind running in the rain, in fact I prefer it. I left home a little late so didn’t cover as much distance as I wanted to. Run Route Leicester

I covered 6km on this run, started off easy to warm up, then increased the pace a little. Most of the route is downhill so it’s not the most difficult route. Pace Per Km

I ran in my Salomon Sense Ride 3, Under Armour Tracksuit bottoms, Danish Endurance Long Distance Running socks and a Under Armour T-Shirt.

Finished work early on the way back and managed to cover another 6km. The route home was pretty similar so I get to tackle the New Walk Hill going up. I had to take it easy today. Due to the wet weather and large anount of leaves on the path. I covered 9 Strava segments in total, including a 3rd best time on one segment. Below are the stats od my watch taken from my Garmin Fenix 5.

Run Home Data