This was my Sunday run (27th Dec 2020, I know, it’s Tuesday and I’ve been lazy with my blog. This is something that will change in 2021. I think rather than posting about individual runs, I’ll do a weekly summary.

This run was great fun, nothing too taxing in terms of pace. Worked out at 5:50 per KM and 20.11KM in terms of distance. The majority of the run was on pavement and paths.

22km run to houghton and the hilland back

I did manage to get a 4KM run through some fields at the halfway point. Then another 2KM through a nature park and golf course. The fields were pretty muddy, and my light trail running shoes were not suitable really. Due to the footwear error, I was slipping and sliding around for a while and had to slowmy pace.

running through some fields

It is these sort of days that I love torun. Where the sun is shining bright, yet you can feel the chill onyour body – thatjust motivates me to keep running and stay warm.

muddy fields to run through

This was what I consider my long easy run. I do the majority of my runs at an easy effort. Very rarely do I run fast or steady,  once every 2 weeks max. For me, I prefer to just get out there, enjoy the run and appreciate the me time.