I’ve tried a few running hydration systems and my favourite has to be the Nathan Quick Shot – I own 3 of them, although I usually run with only one, maybe two on a very long run 30km plus.

Staying hydrated on a long run is essential, especially in the summer months and even in the winter, it is nice to keep your mouth moist when running. For my shorter runs – between 5-15km, I don’t tend to take any water with me unless it’s during the summer.

Nathan Quick Shot Review

The Nathan Quick Shot is a 300ml flask that is in effect hands-free or more accurately grip-free. The fully-adjustable hand strap with thumbhole keeps your fingers free when running. Great, if you’re like me and are constantly switching between displays on your GPS running watch or jumping tracks on your running earphones.

It also comes with a cool little sealable pocket, on the front of the hand, which is ideal for storing keys or some money, The flask also comes with a race cap, that dispenses quick bursts of water when you need it. The version I own is an older model, and I believe a newer Nathan Quick Shot Plus version is also available. Mine still works fine though, so I don’t see any need in replacing them just yet.

Nathan Quick Shot Race Cap

Key Features On The Nathan Quick Shot

  • 00 mL Flask with Race Cap offers quick bursts of fluid for short distances
  • Fully-adjustable hand strap with thumbhole enables grip-free running
  • Pocket on the side for nutrition, keys, and small essentials

This review has been pretty straightforward; the Nathan Quick Shot is a great little water flask that is now my number pick when I need hydration on my runs. Would be perfect for ultra running events and races too, where some event require you to start with you, a water supply as mandatory. Please take a look at my main site to see where you can buy the Nathan Quick Shot. I get a small percentage of the sale for referring you, however, it doesn’t cost you any more.