Sunday was a bit of a rest day for me really. The dog and I had a 7km walk in the morning and I managed a short and easy 5km run on my own. On Monday I got the chance to get a decent run in the books – covering 17.2km in 1 hour and 26 minutes, at a average pace of 5 minutes per kilometer.

My Monday consisted mainly pavement and road running with a few nicer sections across fields on on light trails. I started off in Clarendon Park and headed towards Evington village. Heading this way you take a slightly steep uphill section, which is always fun. As I ran through Evington Village, I carried on down to the bottom of Spencefield Lane – past St Paul school (where I went as a kid).

Turning right at the end of Spencefield Lane I run downhill for a while. Then up a short incline section until turning right onto Grange Lane and through the village. As I exited the village I ran through field and around a second field until I joined a light trail path.

Monday Run Route

At the end of the pathway I jump back out in Evington and run back towards the village. This time turning left on to Church Road, past St Deny’s Church and down Shady Lane. I turned right at the bottom and crossing the road and joining the canopied pathway which leads to Manor Road.

Pathway leading to Manor Road

Crossing over Manor Road, I headed down Southmeads Road going past the back of the University Sports Centre. This leads to Stoughton Drive South and I turn left here to reach London road. Turning right here, I run on a little further, going past the round-a-about until I was able cross the road safely.

From here I go down Shanklin Drive in Knighton. This segment begins with a slight decline, then incline and then is pretty much downhill all the way. At the bottom you reach Welford Road ,and from Welford Road I headed back towards Clarendon Park area and stop off at Halcyon Kitchen for a pot of tea.

Monday Run Stats

Run Stats For Monday 26-10-2020

I was pretty happy with the pace of this run. I had some slow sections when I going through the fields and along the light trails. Overall, 5 minutes per kilometer is okay with me. I felt really good at the end and if I wasn’t close to home I would have carried on.