Best Value Hiking Boots

Out you looking for the best value budget hiking boots? Maybe you are the occasional walker and hiker that only needs there boots now and again. Maybe you need a comfortable and reliable pair of walking boots for walking the dog or the odd weekend jaunt in the countryside. Walking and hiking boots do not have to cost the earth, and there is a great selection of affordable footwear out there for you to choose from.

In this guide, we will showcase the best budget hiking boots currently available. We will highlight and describe how they have been constructed and the key features of each boot. Generally, the hiking boots we feature in this guide will cost less than £65 – occasionally a little bit more.

Peter Storm Men’s Dovedale Waterproof Walking Boot

The Peter Storm Men’s Dovedale is a waterproof and breathable membrane that manages moisture from inside and out to keep you cool and dry. Simultaneously, the faux-suede outer with mesh panels make for a fashionable and easy-to-clean exterior to the boot.

Peter Storm dovedale boots

The speedy lacing system on this hiking boot cuts down on time spent crouched over getting the perfect fit and tension levels. The Peter Storm Dovedale are a very affordable boot and perfect for the occasional walk who need extra protection and support from the weather and the terrain. You’ll be able to enjoy your long dog walks, countryside treks and other outdoor adventures in comfort.

Key Features

  • Breathable and waterproof membrane along with a moisture management and control lining so your feet won’t sweat
  • Durable outsole provides long-lasting and dependable grip.
  • Offers torsional support that will make your walks and hikes more comfortable.
  • Easy-care faux suede upper construction with breathable mesh panels.

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