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Alternative & Affordable Walking/Hiking Poles

Hiking and walking poles do not have to cost a fortune. In this section of the website, we include more affordable walking pole options. These poles have been vetted and researched for quality and performance and cost-effective gear if you are new to walking and hiking. Below are some great Leki and Black Diamond alternatives for you to consider.

Why You Should Use Walking/Hiking Poles

  • Support and balance – as well as suitable for older walkers who may struggle without, particularly helpful for all walkers on uneven ground or going up, and more importantly, downhills.
  • Make walking easier – walking poles help spread the distribution of weight, particularly helpful if carrying a large rucksack. They also assist people by reducing the burden on knees and hip joints. Using a walking pole will help people with joint issues and prolong those issues from occurring.
  • Propulsion – using hiking poles helps to cover longer distances easier by providing forward propulsion. They also help you to build upper body strength.

Types Of Hiking Poles

Telescoping: Telescoping hiking poles are the most popular option for walkers and hikers. They consist of two or three sections that nest into each other with a locking system to hold them in place. They're incredibly adjustable and can pack down into your backpack.

Folding: "Z-type" folding hiking poles usually have three sections that fold to roughly 1/3 of their full length. Together with an internal tension cord, each section unfolds to create a single shaft when locked. Even though they pack down and are often lighter than telescoping poles, most models are not length adjustable. Some folding trekking poles offer one telescoping section, which will allow you to adjust the pole's length.

Fixed: The least popular hiking poles on the trail is fixed-length, straight shaft trekking poles. They're not adjustable and don't collapse, making them difficult to stow away when not in use. Due to their storage impracticality, we don't recommend fixed poles. They are however useful for walkers who need a little extra help. Fixed poles are rare these days, and most walking and hiking poles are adjustable.

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