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Mens Running Socks

Many people will tell you about the importance of finding the right footwear to run in, they might not stress the importance of the right socks. Plenty of runners invest in all dinging, all dancing running shoes then neglect to buy a decent pair of socks to go with them. Running socks are super important and is the first point of contact your foot has. It's a complete waste of time to have really comfy running trainers, then slip on a cheap pair training socks which cost £5 for 12. 

Just like inappropriate running shoes are not great, a bad pair of running socks will give you blisters and a good pair will offer extra protection where you need it the most on your foot.

What To Consider When Buying Running Socks

  1. Just like the clothing that you go running in, your socks should also be made from a breathable, quick-drying fabric to keep your feet dry as you cover all those miles each week.
  2. The best made for running socks will other you that extra protection where it's most need on the foot – think the toes rea, heels and arch of the foot. This extra protection id normally in the form of subtle padding in these key areas. This is the reason why running socks have a left and right sock - normally identifiable my a L and R on the bottom of the sock. This is not the case with regular sports socks.
  3. Running socks also have some optional extras that you might want to go for. These include compression technology, special fabrics which can reduce odor from sweat and waterproofing capabilities.
  4. You will also find that running socks can cover more, less, none of the calve area. You can get knee high socks, ankle socks, no show socks or mid cut socks.

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