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GPS Running Watches

GPS Sports Watches

GPS Sports watches are typically the best way to keep an eye on your fitness running goals. Just the thing for race day, a running watch or GPS sports watch means you can keep on top of where you’ve been and those all-important run times, routes, elevation and much much more data too.

The GPS running watch has a place for every type and ability of runner. Don't think you need to be an elite to a high-level athlete to get the most out of these great devices. They are perfect from those just starting around the local park to those tackling longer distances such as a half or full marathon to extreme runners tackling a 100km+ ultra marathon distances.

This section of our website features only the finest in Sports GPS Watches by the very best brand. On a personal note, I have the Garmin Fenix 5+ - Not the latest model, but still a fantastic model and well worth the money due to using it daily - oh and it tells me the time too.

Why You Need A GPS Watch For Running, Hiking or Walking

There's nothing wrong with your standard fitness tracker, but GPS sports watches offer more state of the art features that make them more wrist-worn computer than a glorified pedometer. GPS devices are designed to track your every move and position on the road, plus they also typically deliver in-depth fitness and health analysis to improve your conditioning.

A running watch offers an honest appraisal of your efforts and achievements, whether it's just working out how far and fast you run – or taking advantage of data on recovery, intensity and even nutrition.

The best GPS running watches, despite their name, have the ability to track way more than runs. They can track workouts, walking, hiking, climbing, cycling, swimming, rowing, strength training, diving, golfing… and loads more of sports. and activities

Modern GPS watches don't just track the distance and pace of your runs, walks and hikes. They will also provide you with masses of in-depth data, and scroll through, compare with previous efforts and analysis as you progress. Each watch brand is different from what they have to offer; however, the following features and functions can be found on the top models.

Features Found On A Good GPS Watch

  • Track average and top speed, lap times and personal records over distances or routes.
  • Data on elevation, cadence, stride length, heart rate, performance condition, zone training.
  • Assess your training condition and training load
  • Map routes as you run or program personalised routes to follow on the watch face.
  • Sync with third-party apps like Myfitnesspal and Strava.
  • Track your diet and caloric intake and expenditure.
  • Monitor progress by comparing matched runs overtime.
  • Sync with your phone to get a message, phone and email alerts.
  • SOS emergency features.
  • Mobile pay - pay for items using your watch.
  • Music playing capabilities - such as Spotify.

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